The Social Media Publisher for Teams

Kunvenu (Esperanto: Come Together) gives you and your marketing team the tools to post/share, schedule and follow up social media marketing activities.

Team Aware Social Marketing

Post and Schedule to multiple Social Media Channels, Personally or as a Team

  • Build Teams

    Add multiple teams and invite members to participate.
  • Manage Social Profiles

    Add Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles and LinkedIn Organizations and share them with your Teams.
  • Post to multiple Profiles

    Easy Publish Editor to post to multiple Profiles, with your private profile or those shared with your Team.
  • Scheduled Posts

    Simple but smart scheduling of posts.
  • IN WORK: Team Calendars

    See your posts in shared Google Calendars
  • IN WORK: Chrome/FF Extension

    Withou our Browser Extension you can share Links and Content right from your Chrome or Firefox

Some Impressions

Some already available and some "in work" features

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